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Santa’s Castle is for Soldiers suffering financial hardship who cannot provide toys for their child(ren) during the Holidays.

It is NOT intended as a supplement.



Please take a moment to fill out the form.


The wishlist is not a guarantee of the toys your child will receive.  We will use this to help determine child's interest for the shopping experience.

By clicking submit, I believe that I meet the guidelines provided by Santa’s Castle. I will shop at the designated appointment time. I understand that my spouse may shop on my behalf with the appointment slip and a Dependent Military ID card. I understand that if my application is approved, the shopping pass, which will include the shopping time and date, will be sent to the email address provided. I understand that a single family income does not automatically justify receipt or services from Santa’s Castle. I understand that Santa’s Castle can only be used for 2 consecutive years and after only with an exception of policy.

Thank you for submitting your application to Santa's Castle. A copy of the Soldier's DEERS statement must be submitted to Santa's Castle in addition to this submitted application. The Deers statement can be dropped in the mail slot at Santa's Castle Address our address is 7120 Pecom Row, Bldg 1710, Fort Moore, GA 31905 or emailed to

The approval emails for Santa's Castle will begin to go out after Thanksgiving.  Should you have not received an email by December 5, please give us a call at 706-940-3753.

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